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What Past Attendees Have Said About Vegetarian Summerfest

Vegetarian Summerfest is a shining star in the darkness. I have never felt so understood, inspired and welcome as I have here this week.

One year ago I came with no idea of what I was getting into and left committed to a whole foods plant-based diet - since then I've gotten off drugs and lost at least 25 pounds.

It's great to be around a large group of veg-minded folks. There is a magical energy here."

This week was the "a-ha!" moment I needed to kick myself into a healthier lifestyle. I think the decision to attend Veg-fest may have saved my life.

By far, this event has been the most transformational life-changing week for me of 7 years being a vegan - and having attended many, many veg events! What a sense of global community!!!

It is wonderful to be in the company of wonderful, caring and "like-minded" people. This was wonderful - a mountain-top experience! Bless you all!!!

I can honestly say that this conference was life-changing. Even going into it as a vegan, the new information I learned and inspiration I gained from the speakers and my new friends are unsurpassed!

Summerfest recharages me. It is like attending a family reunion.

I had no idea about how bad animal products are for people. The first night's plenary was incredibly eye opening. I'm going to try to get my own parents to come next year as I want as many people as possible to learn what I have learned here.

Summerfest changes our lives every year, no matter how many times we attend. Always new speakers, new lectures by old speakers, old friends, new friends and precious inspiration to continue to advocate for a vegan world.

I want to become active in my community to get the word out about the health aspect and environmental issues. Will start networking when I get home. Love this seminar!!!

Thank you for this incredible opportunity to meet new people and to broaden my knowledge.

This week has given me so much hope for the future of the world, and has given me the tools to be able to share my message and speak my truth about being vegan.

Makes it possible to enjoy a great big festival, conference, and health spa all in one - and it's 100% vegan.

Just as your brochure promised - it has changed my life already. I'm losing weight and feel more energetic. At 65, I've worried about starting a decline like my mother & now I'm heading in a different direction.

A spiritual vitamin super sized! Summerfest provided me with a feeling of being renewed, re-energized and re-focused! Thank you so much :)

It has helped me stay committed to my vegan path by educating me and surrounding me with like-minded compassionate people. Thank you for a wonderful conference!

Amazing, cutting-edge, up-to-date info. Best vegan and raw food anywhere. Wonderful opportunity to speak to knowledgeable professionals and to network. Great to see old friend and meet new ones!

“It's such an amazing experience to hear someone say that he/she came to the conference as a meat-eater or vegetarian, but is leaving as a vegan.

I've been to one other vegan conference, but compared to that one this one is the most homey-ist. At the end I didn't want to leave. This is my first time at Vegetarian Summerfest and I've learned more here than in my past 5 years having been a vegetarian. And yes I am a vegan now (because of Summerfest, on the first day).

It was amazing to connect with so many like-minded people; I made several instant new friends. I learned so much valuable information and I can't wait to take it home, use it and share it. Thank you!!

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